Calendar of Currently Scheduled Tours

(for browsers that might not display the calendar properly, below is a text-based listing of available dates:)

Standard Schedule

Every Friday Back to the Old Country (Tour A) meets at 10 am.
Most Friday Nights Friday Night Lights (Tour F) meets at 6 pm.
Every Saturday The Delights of Brooklyn (Tour B)
(Brews, Views, Chocolate and much more!)
meets at 10:15 am.
Every Sunday The Sensational Park and Soul Tour (Tour C) meets at 10 am.
Every Sunday Evening The Brooklyn Bridge and Skyline at Twilight Bike Tour (Tour E)
leaves approximately 2 1/2 hours before sunset (Click for the schedule.)
Some Mondays Northern Manhattan - A Cornucopia of Unseen Delights! (Tour G) meets at 10:00 am.
Other Mondays The Dutch Roots and More Tour! meets at 9:30 am.
Every Tuesday Secret Streets - From High Finance to Hidden Chinatown (Tour D) meets at 10:15 am.
Most Wednesday Evenings Central Park At Night (Tour N) meets at 7 pm.
Most Thursdays The Surprising Bronx Bicycle Tour - From Annabel Lee to Hanging Sausages! (Tour H) meets at 10:00 am.
Any Day of the Week Any tour, including On-Demand tours, available on sufficient demand.
Email us.
Besides the above schedule, the following tours have the additional dates scheduled:

Tour B
Wednesday, August 6th
Monday, August 25th

Tour E
Monday, September 1st

Please remember: Please make a reservation on the page of the tour you would like to take.
(please do not show up without first making a reservation)