Unique Bike Tours of New York City

Bike the Big Apple

More scenic than a walk, more personal than a bus

Traveling by bike is the perfect way to truly experience the diverse neighborhoods of the city. On a bike tour, you will feel as though you are really part of the neighborhood. Walking tours & bus tours are certainly a nice way to see the city but bikes offer the best of both worlds (and more!). When compared to a day as pedestrian in New York, our leisurely paced rides are effortless and cover much more ground. And, you are able to interact with your surroundings much more than when on a bus.

We take you beyond the usual tourist spots that bus and walking tours usually miss. We feel certain you will leave with stories and photos that even the “natives” do not know about.







Why bike with us

Bike tour specialists

We are not a bike rental shop that also does bike tours or a walking/bus tour company that also does bike tours. Bike tours are all that we do. It is our focus, so we do it right.


In Manhattan alone there are over 50 miles of bike paths with no motorized vehicles allowed. On almost all of city's bridges there are paths for use by bicycles, free from cars.


We are not “Learning the ropes.” We know what we're doing. After well over a decade (in our seventeenth year!), we have figured out quite a lot in terms of what makes an excellent bike tour. At the same time, we are always improving, making additions, and keeping it fresh!

Family-owned business

Although we have found success, we are still, quite literally, a “mom and pop” operation. It is through this mindset that we are able to deliver a personalized experience; your well-being and enjoyment is our highest priority!

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