Views only seen from where real New Yorkers go!

Tour B - The Delights of Brooklyn

Brews, Views, Chocolate, and much more!

  • Saturdays, 10:15 am - 5:00 pm, $99

    This special tour starts with a ride through the historic Lower East Side. Once the most densely populated neighborhood in the world(!), it is now a very “in” section with a thriving nightlife, as well as an authentic Soviet era, larger than life, statue of Lenin!

    Leaving Manhattan, we dive into the delights offered by the borough of Brooklyn as we pedal over the new Williamsburg Bridge bike path. We enter the "hip," artistic neighborhood of Williamsburg and head to one of the Big Apple's truly underground micro-brewery. Here you can sample its artisinal beers and ale, or stout on tap. (Only our riders aged 21 and older will be allowed to drink. Those under 21 will be forced to thirstily watch!)

    Only a short ride away, yet centuries back in time, we pass a Hassidic "shtetl," like that made famous in Fiddler On The Roof. Here the orthodox Jewish population still tries to live as it did before the Holocaust. On this, the Jewish Sabbath, all the businesses are closed as the synagogue becomes the focal point of existence.

    As if travelling through time, we pass by the Brooklyn Navy Yard. With almost 200 years of ship building history, this served as the birthplace place of scores of famous ships, from the Fulton Steam Frigate and USS Maine to the USS Constellation and Missouri!

    Just a short pedal later, we complete our return to the 21st century, as we enter the now-posh neighborhood of Fort Greene. In its center, we find the pride and joy of the neighborhood, built upon a crypt, holding the remains of Americans who suffered the atrocities of war. From Fort Greene, we enter Dumbo, another fascinating "in" neighborhood of Brooklyn. Here, you’ll experience a classic "only-in-the-Big-Apple" panorama! (see photo below) We head to Jacques Torres Chocolate Shop, run by a pastry chef extraordinaire. Here you can sample his pithiviers, featured recently in The New York Times- or get high on other chocolate delights.

    We finally pedal over the Brooklyn Bridge, also on its own bike path. The high here is not merely provided by the altitude, but also by the incredible views of the New York skyline and harbor.

    “We were the first to arrive and were curious as to which other "lunatics" would be joining us on this tour. We were however very pleasantly surprised that most of the group of twelve were rather 'normal,' around our own age, and of varying fitness levels. The day went very quickly and at no time did we feel that we were out of our depth or in any danger. Indeed, by the end of the day, we were weaving in and out of the gridlocked traffic around Union Square. We would encourage anyone who is thinking of going to grab the bike by its handlebars and 'go for it!' Thanks for a great day!” -- Jackie and Sheldon Fagleman, Manchester,England

    Great brews, Great views and Great chocolate - all make for a delightful afternoon in the Big Apple!

    Easy paced, safe, quiet streets. 15 miles, 7 hours, $99 includes bike, helmet, the licensed tour guide in front and “sweep” in back (food and drink extra; $10 less with your own bike).

    This tour leaves every Saturday, year-round, weather permitting, at 10:15 am, a few blocks from Union Square, of Manhattan (precise address will be given after booking is made). It is approximately 15 miles and will last about 7 hours. (It is also available, by special request, any weekday)