East Side, West Side

Wednesdays, 10:00 am – 3:30 pm


Central Park, Harlem, and more!

  • Central Park
  • Harlem
  • “El Barrio” - Spanish Harlem
  • Morningside Heights
  • Columbia University
Tour details

On this bike tour, we explore a bit of the fashionable East Side, traffic-free Central Park, and the fascinating neighborhoods of the Upper West Side, Harlem, East Harlem, and Morningside Heights.

In Morningside Heights, we visit the magnificent campus of Columbia, the third oldest university in the country, and take in the gorgeously gothic St. John the Divine, an enormous cathedral with beautifully sculpted artwork on its grounds and façade.

In Central Park, we access areas seldom seen by those just walking through the park or biking the loop road. The Park’s three distinct Conservatory Gardens, of Italian, French, and English styles, illustrate the breathtaking changes Central Park has undergone since the 1980s. And, of course, we’ll be sure to visit the must-see attractions, like Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain, and much more!

Further east, we find El Barrio, otherwise known as Spanish Harlem. Here, the streets, parks, and community gardens come to life with some of the city’s most vibrant Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Mexican communities.

Instead of a more traditional sit-down lunch, we make a couple of shorter stops for two of New York’s most iconic edibles--bagels and pizza (food & drink cost not included)!