On-Demand Tours

We also offer every day of the week special “on-demand” tours as well as private and customized tours. The price of these tours depends on the number of persons who are on the tour and the length of the tour. The minimum price is $100 per person. These can be done as public tours, depending on scheduling availability, or private (at additional costs). Please e-mail for more details and/or to set one up.
Each tour offers you a unique opportunity to explore beyond the usual tourist destinations into areas not even located on the typical tourist map!
Each tour takes you to vibrant neighborhoods that offer stark contrasts between urban street life and verdant parklands, rarely found in other cities!
Each tour will offer you numerous surprises, especially since the typical tourist believes there is nothing of real interest beyond midtown and lower Manhattan!
And the best way to experience all this, you will come to understand, is by bike!

Currently scheduled On-Demand Tours

On-Demand Tour Descriptions

  • Note: That you may customize any of these tours to suit your tastes. Except, please do not ask to do all of the city in one day!
  • On-Demand I - East Side, West Side, But Not All Around the Town Tour

    The city is just too big! But we do explore a bit of the fashionable east side, traffic free Central Park, and the fascinating neighborhoods of the upper west side, Harlem, East Harlem, and Morningside Heights. The latter centers around Columbia University, the third oldest in the country and the most magnificent campus in the city. 5 hours. 12 miles.

  • On-Demand IV - One Great Bridge, after another, and another, and another, and yet another -- Bridge Delight Tour

    This tour is for those in good shape who are looking for a unique, faster paced, and challenging ride. Since each of the bridges has its own dedicated bike path, the challenge lies in the heights to scale. While not quite the Alps, it is nonetheless up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, as we go over five great bridges with breathtaking views of the city skyline!

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  • On-Demand V - Oh My Gods! - Ethnic Queens Bike Tour

    Think there's nothing of interest in the borough of Queens? You are in for a rude surprise!
    Want to see how Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Jews can live and work together peacefully? Try this Tour!

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  • On-Demand VII - The Brooklyn Brownstone Bike Tour - From Sheik to Shining Chic

    Pedal through the full gamut of Brooklyn from a formerly Arab neighborhood to some of the chicest, most exclusive neighborhoods around, plus through a park many consider better than the glorious Central Park!

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  • On Demand VIII -The Affable Elephant and The Adorable Lady Tour

    A wonderful cycling trip through some of Lower Manhattan's most exciting neighborhoods, as well as Brooklyns “newest” neighborhoods, highlighted by a magnificent view of our favorite lady!

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  • On Demand IX - And All That Jazz Bike Tour

    A Journey through the history and vibrant culture of Harlem and its neighboring areas - highlighted by its rich tradition of great music. Along the way, also get to ride along two of the city's best, and most scenic bike paths.

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