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Frequently asked questions

Do you have to be crazy to ride a bike in the Big Apple?

No, we do it all the time! On the other hand, if you do not know where you are going, you may very well end up riding in rush-hour traffic in midtown or downtown Manhattan (which can be not-so-nice)...

Do you have to be crazy to take one of your tours?

Absolutely not! We know the streets and neighborhoods of our city. We avoid those with heavy traffic. There is a guide in front, and one in back of the group, constantly looking out for your safety.

What happens if the weather frowns upon us?

In the case of inclement weather, we do not force you to ride in the rain. If it is raining, or going to rain, we will gladly issue you a full refund.

However, some of our guests do not mind riding in some rain, (also, our guides carry rain ponchos) and want to do the tour anyway. If enough people want to do it, we will do the tour just for those people.

Where do your tours start?

Most of our tours begin at one of two different bike shops, both convenient to all Manhattan hotels. a few tours, and some custom rides, start instead at our Uptown location, near the north end of Central Park, within a few blocks of several subway (metro) lines.

After you make your reservation, we will send you the exact location of the meeting point of your specific tour(s). This is to ensure that there is no mix-up and you do not accidentally go to the wrong point for your tour (this used to happen more often than you might think!).

All the start locations are easily reached by the efficient city subway (metro) system. If you need help with getting to a start location, do not hesitate to ask.

Do you have tours in the winter months?

Yes, if it is not too cold for you, it is not too cold for us! Moreover, it is not possible to predict the weather even in the dead of winter. It is not unheard of to have a bright, sunny, calm day with the temperature in the mid 40's. Similar to skiing, the key is to dress appropriately with a warm hat, gloves, and several layers of clothing.

Is the city really bike friendly?

In Manhattan alone there are over 50 miles of bike paths with no motorized vehicles allowed. On almost all of city's bridges there are paths for use by bicycles, free from cars. Each year the city adds miles of bike lanes on major streets - often by narrowing the width of the street for vehicles. Moreover, motorists are often surprisingly considerate of those on bicycles who are considerate of them. Indeed, in a crowded urban city one has to learn how to be tolerant of, and live with, others. New Yorkers are often quite warm, friendly, and helpful, especially to tourists.

Each day, more than 250,000 cyclists ride in New York City, more than at any time in the last 25 years. In the March 2006 issue of Bicycling Magazine, NYC was listed number #3 of the 21 best American cities for cycling! Since then, as the city adds miles and miles of both on-street and off-street bike lanes; it is only getting better!

In January, 2003, the city was faced with an imminent transit strike. Mayor Bloomberg sought to discourage people from driving to work. When asked how he would travel from his home to City Hall, he replied, "I will probably take a bike to work. It is a practical way to get downtown."

Do you have to be an athlete to enjoy one of our tours?

Not at all. You need only feel comfortable on a bicycle and be in reasonable physical shape. Even if you have not ridden in years, or decades, bicycle riding is a skill you do not lose. Since we stop frequently for insights, questions, photos, bathroom breaks, as well as snacks, our standard tours are easy paced, averaging about 4 miles an hour! They are hardly bike races. Moreover, New York City is basically flat with hardly any hills to climb. Since we customize tours if desired, we have even had a rider wearing a heart monitor to make certain he was not over exerting himself!

What is the average age of riders on your tours?

We have riders of all ages on our tours! We have had children as young as eight with their parents, and adults of retirement age. However, there are no bike seats for infants available.

Will I enjoy myself or merely be glad when the tour is over?

Our customers rave about the unique experiences, sights and insights they have had. Many of them have honestly told us that their bike tour was one of the highlights of their visit to New York City. Check our TripAdvisor page for more reviews/comments.

What does the price of the tour include?

The price of the tour includes a bike, a helmet, and our guide(s). On tours where we stop for meals and/or snacks, the cost of the food/drinks is not covered by the tour price. But, in general, our meals are almost always at local restaurants away from tourist areas and far from tourist-area prices!

You mentioned helmets just now. Do I have to wear one?

Yes, that is correct, we did mention them, as they are provided with the bikes. And, yes, our riders are required to wear them at all times when riding. This is a requirement of our insurance, and is really not at all a bad idea, in general!

What is the condition of the surfaces on which we will ride?

Except in rare instances where it is noted, all the surfaces are paved. While there are still some "potholes" on the streets, in the past decade, the city has been maintaining its streets very well. You will be pleasantly surprised. The worst pavements are found on the most heavily traveled streets, which are the ones we avoid!

What happens if I have a problem on the ride?

Our staff has the tools and the knowledge to repair a flat or fix a minor mechanical problem. If you cannot complete the ride, we will arrange transportation for you and the bike back to the starting location.

How long are the rides?

Our regularly scheduled tours are from 5-7 hours in length, including time to purchase lunch and stop for snacks. Our custom tours vary in length, averaging in length from 4- 7 hours. We have found that anything less than 3 hours is essentially too short to really experience part of the city without feeling rushed.

Can you customize a ride?

Absolutely! You can request a ride based on the length and time you desire as well as the destination you have in mind. You can request a ride just for you, or with your family or your friends. We aim to please!

Can I give a gratuity at the end of a ride?

Well, if you insist....

In New York, professional tour guides are typically given gratuities for excellent service. It is not necessary, but if you feel that you received excellent service, a tip of anywhere between 10% - 25% is a great way to show it.

If you'd like more information of the strange world of tipping in New York, has a thorough guide here.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel at least 7 calendar days in advance, there is no cancellation fee.

If you cancel between 2 and 6 calendar days in advance, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

If you cancel within 24 hours in advance, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

Suppose I just want to rent a bike?

Our guided tours are indeed a special and unique way to see the city. However, there are those who want to go it alone. We also offer bike rentals at We have a large inventory of well maintained Cannondale bikes for city riding. Our 7 locations are great, being close to Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge and Greenway bike path. Our rental prices are among the lowest in the city. Call them at 212-749-4444 or check our website,